Revolv Collective invites you to The Collective’s Hub, part of Brighton Photo Fringe taking place at Phoenix Brighton, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton BN2 9NB from Saturday 30th September to Sunday 29th November 2018. The private view of the exhibition will take place on the 29th of September from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, and the show is open daily between the 30th of September to the 29th of November from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

4uzhbina is a photographic installation created collaboratively by the artists and founders of Revolv Collective Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova specifically for Brighton Photo Fringe 2018. The word 4uzhbina describes a non-existent place, an illusory location, which cannot be found on any map, nevertheless it could be easily accessed by anybody. It is simply an invention of the tongue, existing only between the spoken and written Bulgarian language. The term contains simultaneously the essence of a no-man’s land and a dolce vita.

In her new work, Krasimira Butseva uses moving image and appropriates found photography and materials, entangling personal and fictional histories. In her short film, she remembers the day in which Bulgaria was accepted in the European Union, while performing repetitive rituals and readings. Using a found family archive originating from Kent, Krasimira plays with the connotation and denotation, shaping a completely new narrative out of the photographs. Through this body of work, she explores the way in which politics inform nations and form identities, along with the correlation between native roots and cultural routes.

Lina Ivanova’s autobiographical piece exploring issues of representation, identity and status of the migrant in the birth country. Photography becomes a power tool to remember, to store memories and experiences and possess a space in which one feels insecure.  The manipulation of family archival records creates a personal interpretation of one’s own origin. The use of alternative processes suggests the transition from a state of familiar to a state of the foreign. Fragile family photos are reproduced on the surfaces of domestic objects and removed from their expected setting providing a context of the every-day in a moment of return.


4UZHBINA: Artist talk
20th October 2018 (Saturday)
1:00pm – 2:00pm

The founders of Revolv Collective, Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova will form a dialogue about methods of using found photography and objects, alongside alternative processes to create new bodies of work. Reflection on current work on display at the Collective’s Hub, leading to a discussion about belonging and identity. Get a free ticket here.

Routes OR Roots
27th October 2018 (Saturday)
12:00pm – 2:00pm

Routes OR Roots invites participants to take part in a two-hour long workshop delivered by Revolv Collective. The activities will encompass notions of belonging and the self, participants should contribute to the workshop with personal objects, possessions and memories in order to form a narrative of personal and collective diaspora. The workshop is open to people from any age and background to join. Get a free ticket here.