Revolv is an organisation founded in 2017 and run by the photographers Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova. The team also includes the web & app developer and designer Ivan Lebanov and the photographer Molly Budd.


The aim of the collective is to support emerging photographers by providing a platform for exposure and opportunities. As a non-profit organisation, Revolv organises and delivers workshops, talks and exhibitions across both, Bulgaria and England. During 2017, Revolv was funded by the University of Portsmouth, but is currently a self-funded company.


The development of Revolv is rooted in the notion of collaboration and collective working. Participants who have contributed in the past to the work of the collective include Amie Friend, Andreea Teleaga, Emma Durrant-Fellows, Laura Gowing, Minhaj Ahmed, Nathan Klein, Toni Atanasova and Vera Hadzhiyska.

Get in touch via info@revolv.org.uk

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