Revolv is a platform and a collective founded in January 2017 by the photographers Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova. The non-profit company Revolv organises free events, workshops and exhibitions in both England and Bulgaria, as well as creates and advertises opportunities for emerging artists. The web designer and developer of the organisation is Ivan Lebanov and the team was recently joined by the photographer Andreea Teleaga.

We formed Revolv as a response to the need to be in a creative environment, to follow the development of the photography industry, to receive feedback and progress and to continue the learning circle that started with the beginning of our art degrees. During 2017, we were funded by the University of Portsmouth and with the help of crowdfunding, but at the moment we are a self-supporting organisation working on the principle of a charity. Throughout the year the collective was joined by other creatives who worked for some time on different projects with the founders.


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