Revolv is an organisation founded in 2017 and run by the photographers Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova. The team also includes the web & app developer and designer Ivan Lebanov.

With an initial aim to support emerging photographers by providing a platform for exposure and opportunities. Recently, as a result of our first open call, we organised an exhibition in London, featuring 77 international and national photographers. In addition, we have been invited by galleries and educational institutions to deliver talks, portfolio reviews and collaborative workshops invitations throughout the year. Furthermore, whilst exploring common notions, our practices amplify each other, and we have begun to work collaboratively. In 2017, we produced a joint show as part of the NIGHT festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and we also organised Archives as Medium exhibition in Four Corners, London. In both shows, our goal was to initiate a dialogue through photographic installations with documentary and political notions.

Get in touch via info@revolv.org.uk

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