Opening of Archives as Medium exhibition

The opening of our first show went great and had a lot of visitors!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people who made this endeavour possible and supported us along the way. We would also like to thank everyone that came to the show, talked to us and made our first opening unforgettable!

We would like to thank the University of Portsmouth for funding our ideas and Five Points Brewing Company, Metro Imaging and Four Corners for the support and help, as well as our tutors for their support and help through the years: Judy Harrison, Peter Ainsworth, Jonathan Baggaley, Roel Paredaens, Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Richard Kolker and all staff of the School of Art and Design.

We would also like to thank Ivan Lebanov, Emil Nidal and Marina Ivanova for their constant support and generosity.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us fund and organise this event: Ivan and Temenuzhka Ivanovi, Hristina and Petko Butsevi, Toni Atanasova, Toni Kazakov, Daniel Dimitrov, Leanne Edwards, Nikki Hayler, Lucy Cassidy, Robbie Spotswood, Iain and Nicole Rayner, Julia Davidson, Melody Kennet, Adam Marsh, Andrea Tzontcheva, Megan Koolonavich, Ashford School, Aspex Gallery, Emma Durrant-Fellows, Amie Friend, Minhaj Ahmed, Rosi Dimitrova, Lucy Levene, Vesselina Ivanova, Andrew Bentley, Aleksandra Bibishkova, Alexandra Boaru, Altan Pirov, Amy Oliver, Carys Rees , Dimitar Fidanov, IIko Ambarev, Marin Mitev, Oana Damir, Maliha Nazerali, Melissa Belton, Peter Spurgeon, Rosie Lovatt, Sarkiz Mutafyan and Stephanie Orr.