‘Cinesthesia’ – on collaboration


BA Moving Image and Photography Second year Exhibition

Private View 18th January, 5.30 – 8pm

154 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JG


In December 2018, we were invited by Brighton University BA Photography students to speak on the subject of collaboration.

Having organised a number of workshops and discussions in the past year for University students across the South East, we shared about our strategies and experience of instigating collaboration between students. During the presentation we discussed the instantaneous work, created by participants of our workshops in the space of a few hours, using limited materials, working with each other and complying to rules set by us.


Following our talk at Brighton University, we prompted a crit for students there, who presented their work to the group of familiar and unknown faces. This was a powerful experience, allowing us to feel part of an institution for the evening.

To mark their second year studying at Brighton University, the same Photography students have recently worked together with a group of Moving Image students towards an exhibition.

‘Cinesthesia’ presents the collaboration between Moving Image students exploring the subjects of sight and sound through the lens. Simultaneously, as part part of the show, students have used the language of Photography to blur the borders between fact and fiction. They have done so through investigating a vast range of themes including archives, queerness, family and working class stories, surrounding the innocent seaside towns and tourist destinations such as Brighton.

One of the Photography students part of the exhibition, Antonia Nicolaides, is showing her most recent work ‘Nόστος [Nostos]’. The project consists of her late grandfather’s archive, who used to be a political photographer in Cyprus. The archive follows local people and refugees, capturing the life and historical events before and after the 1974 war in Cyprus. The archive presents a fragment of the past with notions of a historically disruptive event. Antonia uses the documentation of the war to translate the experiences and past of her homeland to herself but also to her current home, distant from the Eastern Mediterranean history.

Nόστος [Nostos] means a homecoming or a homeward journey as a literary subject or topos [place], referencing the return of Odysseus and other Greek heros from the Trojan War, in Homer’s Odyssey.


The exhibition will be open to the public from 19th to 31st January.  

Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm

Sunday, 11am – 4pm