Workshops in September

We would like to invite you to join us on some exciting workshops happening in the next few weeks. Get your free ticket and join us in the making of a zine or discussion of writing in relation to photographic practices.


We Make the Yolk Photography

1st September
Deptford Does Art Gallery
28 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 4AF

Within this workshop we will explore literatures intrinsic relationship to photography. Through reading and writing alike we aim to develop and expand ideas around the photograph and its limitations. Leading the workshop will be Krasimira Butseva, Laura Bivolaru, Victoria Doyle and Lucas Gabellini-Fava, all of which use literature extensively within their practices.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to a selection of texts that have played a role in our work displayed as a part of Statement of Being exhibition. We will have an informal discussion about how these have shifted our approach to photography and then each participant will have the chance to share a text of their own research and practice. This text will form the basis of the photo-literary exploration and the subsequent discussion will lead on to the second part of the workshop. Consisting of a series of writing exercises designed to encourage and generate thoughts around alternative ways one might approach reading a photograph, the participants will be asked to respond to their own photographs. Encompassing a range of positions from material to metaphysical, they will enter into a dialogue with image and text to produce a new piece of work. Thinking about writing as a medium they will be asked to consider the page as a space of encounter and explore how the visual act of reading can affect the content. We will conclude with sharing what the participants have produced with the group and consider how the work might continue.

Please do bring a long a piece of text that resonates with you. It can be anything that you feel has some connection to photography and can take any format – be that play, poem, or prose (we have limited time and so please prepare a small section that you can share with the group).

Bring along some photographs, they can be your own photographs or ones that you have sourced from elsewhere. These will be essential, as you will need these to work from. (Note, they do not need to be printed, the images on your phone will work too!)

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Shifting borders

Workshop in collaboration with Vera Hadzhiyska
6th of September
Four Corners Gallery
121 Roman Road, London E2 0QN

This fast-paced collaborative workshop invites participants to question the notions of shifting borders and boundaries in the world (geographically, politically, historically) and within the photographic medium. Leading the workshop will be Revolv member Lucas Gabellini-Fava alongside Victoria Doyle in collaboration with Vera Hadzhiyska.

The workshop will consist of a brief introduction followed by hands-on session. Working together, participants will have the chance to photograph within the space or use their already existing photographs, and collaborate on the creation of a zine forming a conversation around the notions of shifting borders and boundaries in life and within the photographic medium.

Please bring an object, photographs or anything else that you associate with borders and boundaries in any sense of the words. Digital files are accepted, we can print on site. Feel free to also bring a laptop if you wish.

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Images used:

*Laura Bivolaru, The Unfulfilling.

*Elena Helfrecht, Plexus.

*Vera Hadzhyiska, With name of a Flower.