Envisioning Other Worlds // Open Call For Exhibition at Bow Arts

Visualising other worlds is a collaborative exhibition curated by artists Melanie King and Martha Gray. The exhibition’s theme “Envisioning Other Worlds” is inspired by the ever-present curiosity within human nature to explore the unknown, whether that be the microcosm between our feet or the vast emptiness of space and created through the Raw Labs Art and Science Public Engagement residency. As part of the exhibition there will be talks, workshops and performances related to this theme.

We are looking for artworks, workshops, talks and performances relating to this theme. Works can be any media (2D, 3D, installation) but must evoke an otherworldly environment such as planetary landscapes, distant constellations, imagined nebulae. Zooming in rather than out, we are also interested in works that deal with microscopy and inner worlds.

Apply On Curator Space.

The exhibition will be installed on 15 February 2019 from 11am – 4pm.
Artists must be present to install their work, and deinstall on 24 February 2019 at 6pm.

The exhibition private view will be 15 Feb from 6-10pm, with drinks and Foxy’s Wood Fired Pizza.
We hope that performances would happen on 15 Feb.

The exhibition opening hours between 16-24 Feb are as follows.

Friday 12-10pm.
Saturday 12-10pm
Sunday 10-4pm.

Workshops and Performances can take place during these times.

Martha Gray’s practice is grounded in the relationship between art and science, particularly photography and chemistry, Her recent series CVH (Cyanotype, Vinegar, Honey), utilises new and old technologies, analogue and digital, to articulate bodily experience and toxicity both physically and metaphorically through the interactions of foodstuffs and photographic chemicals.

Melanie King is an artist, curator and lecturer with a specific focus on astronomy. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and the London Alternative Photography Collective. Melanie is interested in the relationship between starlight, photography and materiality. Melanie’s PhD research project “Ancient Light: Rematerializing the Astronomical Image” considers how light travels thousands, if not millions of years, before reaching photosensitive film.

Lumen is an art collective, focused on themes of astronomy and light, regularly exhibiting in churches as well as galleries. Through art, exhibitions and seminars we aim to raise a dialogue about how humanity understands existence.

Martha and Melanie are currently Artists In Residence at Raw Labs, Bow Arts. RAW Labs at Royal Albert Wharf hosts an ever-changing series of events and workshops that are open to the public, including weekly art classes for children, life drawing classes, film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, talks, and more. The space also has a cafe, serving the best coffee in town.

The Bow Arts mission is to support community renewal across London by delivering arts and creative services through our financially sustainable social enterprise model. Bow Arts was established in 1994 by Marcel Baettig with the kind support of Marc Schimmel, the owner of our Bow Road premises and a valued supporter of the arts. This first site, formed of two adjacent buildings, quickly established itself as a thriving artist studio supporting over 100 working artists.

In 1995 the Trust became a registered arts and education charity, then by 1998, with the further support of Marc Schimmel alongside an Arts Council England grant, we were able to build the Nunnery Gallery, a contemporary art gallery housed at the heart of our Bow Road site.

At the same time, Bow established their now, award-winning, schools education programme. The education programme, now working with over 100 schools, offers employment and training opportunities for professional artists in these schools. The artists help young people access education, improve their attainment and learn valuable creative skills.