South West Graduate Photography Prize 2018

Exhibiting in the Old Truman Brewery’s Shop 11 this November, the South West Graduate Photography Prize hosts a showcase of eight emerging contemporary lens-based artists. The show is open from the 1st to the 4th November with a private viewing launch event on Thursday 1st, 6pm – 9pm. With a range of interests and themes, the photographers will display definitive projects that concluded their BA degree. This year’s eight shortlisted artists include Beatriz Temudo, Ellie Ramsden, Jaime Molina, Sam Fradley, Amara Eno, Karl Davies, Molly Budd and Josh Adam Jones.

Molly Budd, writer for Revolv Collective and photographer, is among one of the shortlisted artists. Her work primarily explores the ideas that surround the metaphorical relation to space. The selected project; The Chair Is Touching the Wall, is an emotive response regarding the structural barrier of physical and metaphorical spatial confines. Translated from a psychological theory of being, she draws on the subconscious influence of her current surroundings. Questioning barriers of shape and form, her blurred figure and minimalistic sculpture reflect an intriguing and ethereal sense of imperceptible form.

Represented by Fotonow CIC, a Plymouth based enterprise that explores visual culture as a means to stimulate social change, the annual event proves an excellent propeller for the beginning of the artist’s careers. As part of PhotoMonth London, the exhibition aims to showcase emerging talent from the South West. The prize culminates in one of the artists being selected to work on a commission with Fotonow in 2019.