Surveillance: Open Call

The Blaze Arts Organisation in association with Arts Council England are working together towards the organisation of an art exhibition which will take place at The Harris Museum, Preston, Lancashire. Artists based in the UK are invited to take part.

From the organisers:

The art we’re looking for are unique and creative pieces, inspired by the human eye and a surveillance state. Make it as realistic or abstract as you like, and experiment with size, colours, textures and materials. Every piece of art we receive will be displayed, with full credit, inside the Harris Museum. The deadline for receiving the artwork is February 16th, and we welcome multiple submissions per artist. It will be unveiled at the Harris Late, as part of their “Museum of the Moon” program of events, on Wednesday 20th February.

The exhibition is an abstract, immersive experience that takes a step inside a distorted, Orwellian surveillance state, brought to life by the artwork of our contributors, with attendees also able to take part in a number of activities.

For more details get in touch with: Sophie-Marie Merryweather / smerryweather97@gmail.com