Indiegogo Campaign: Revolv exhibition & events

Revolv is a collective of Masters’ photography students and alumni from the University of Portsmouth. Founded in 2017 by Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova, Revolv aims to provide emerging photographers with a platform for exposure.

Whilst we organise free events, workshops and exhibitions, we create opportunities for talented and undiscovered individuals. We are dedicated to supporting artists expand on their professional knowledge and advance in their creative careers.

After graduating from University, we found it difficult to continue producing work and expand our artistic practice. It is challenging to constantly enter paid competitions and open calls, as well as attending paid lectures, workshops and talks that are important for any practitioner’s career. This is why we decided to create an independent, non-profit platform to showcase the work of emerging artists for free. Until now we have used our Instagram account and website to showcase the images of talents that we have discovered or that have submitted work to us. We believe that by hosting free events we will help students, graduates and emerging artists to enrich their practice, develop their skills and expand their knowledge, hence this campaign is very important to us!

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Until now we have been funded by the University of Portsmouth, which has helped us to secure a gallery space in London. We are going to have the exhibition from the 6th to the 9th of September at Four Corners Gallery. As part of the show we would like to host two additional events. The first one, happening on the 8th, would be a collaborative workshop between Revolv and other collectives. Together we would work on the creation of a self-published zine, featuring the works of the artists that we have already showcased on our respective platforms. The zine will be available free of charge for our visitors. The second event will take place on the 9th of September and will consist of talks by four guest speakers from the creative industry. They will introduce their practice and give advice on creative topics drawing upon their own experiences of the art world. One of our guests is the award-winning artist Felicity Hammond. We would like to make this happen whilst keeping our events free but ensuring that our guests get compensated for their time and contributions.

We need £500 to be able to cover the travel expenses for our contributing artists. On the Friday (8th of September) we have planned to host a collaborative zine workshop – the participants will be members from other collectives, who have been invited to get involved. The event will start at 10:30 and finish approximately 15:30 – by the end of which we would have a complete zine and start producing more free copies for visitors. We would be working with London Alternative Photography Collective, The Pupil Sphere & Chrono Collective on the creation of a self-published zine. On the following day, the 9th of September we would be hosting a free artists talks. The speakers that we would like to invite are Russell Squires, Philip Serfaty, Felicity Hammond and Carole Evans.

Perks for our backers

£1 – Thank you!

You will receive a Thank You email and your name will be featured on our website and exhibition poster!

£5 – Set of 4 Postcards

You will receive a random selection of 4 Postcards with our works & your name will be featured on our website and exhibition poster.

£10 – A4 Print 

A4 print from our works (of your choice) & your name will be featured on our website and exhibition poster. Choose one print from our artists.

Lina Ivanova

1) St. Kliment Ohridski

2) St. Kliment Ohridski

Laura Gowing

1) Erased                                                                2) Erased

Krasimira Butseva

1) The death of a country

2) The death of a country

Vera Hadzhiyska

1) Kingdom of Chamla

2) Kingdom of Chamla


£20 – Revolv’s Mystery Box

The Mystery Box will contain different surprises made and packed by us (items vary from handmade sketchbooks, coffee mugs, prints, posters, soaps and stickers) & your name on our website and poster.

£30 – A3 Print 

A3 print of our works (of your choice), your name on our website and exhibition poster, a postcard & your name on our website and poster.

£40 – A4 print in a frame 

A4 print in a frame, a postcard, your name featured on our website and exhibition poster.

£60 – A3 Print with a Frame & a postcard & your Name on our Website and Poster

A3 print in a frame, a postcard and your name featured on our website and exhibition poster.

£120 – Meet the Artists! 

Meet the Artists! Have a coffee and a portfolio review with Revolv Collective + Everything else above: an A4 print with a frame, set of 4 postcards, a mystery box and your name featured on our website and exhibition poster.


Donations of any size would be very much appreciated. There are also other ways you can get involved! Every share and like will help us spread the word of our campaign. Thank you!

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