LCC: Zine it up

Obliterating authorship has been a key component to the workshops we deliver in the past years. In March 2019 we were invited by London College of Communication to hold a one day workshop with the third year Photography students, which was a part of a series of events in relation to their Interim Exhibition.

Dividing the day in a series of exercises allowed us to create new grounds for collaborative making. To begin, the participants had to describe each others’ practices and then move on to creating new work from their final projects through collective working. Using a series of teaching methodologies, developed by us the students produced various collages and appropriationsĀ  – which created knowledge through collaboration. One of the exercises included blindfolding and entering a space of absolute trust – we used literal and physical points to create a feeling which only ever emerges through collaboration. Another of the methods involved a set of cards with instructions – by following them the students ended up with new pieces. The cards imitated a product manual, but instead had absurd irrational explanations with the notion of subjectivity implied upon the user. Thus the collaboration served as a an expansion of the field of photography, demonstrating the instant inventiveness of the artists. Constructing a space for collective processes allowed for a new outlook on art making to be formed.

The workshop was described by some of the participants as a playground allowing you to do anything and become anyone. Creating this safe area helped one go back to their childhood not only because of the practical and physical nature of the exercises, but also in relation to the element of freedom and courage which emerged within them. The workshop ended with the creation of the zine document+play.