Revolv Collective is delighted to announce an exhibition of socially engaged work, created in response to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed on society as a result of the global pandemic.

Reaching out and bringing together participants from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds, spanning a range of ages and locations, this project democratises photography through the sharing of resources and knowledge by taking a traditional photographic process as its access point. A Cohesion of Light aims to bridge the physical gap between us resulting from the isolation rules, as well as those between hierarchies within the art world and society.

Featuring the work of artists, non-artists and students together, distinctions of status are dissolved as they reside side-by-side in an act of solidarity. The exhibition space also invites the public and artists to create cyanotype prints which will be added to the work on show, expanding and evolving over the course of the festival. The project was initiated by a desire for solidarity and initiates action through an open invitation to reflect, create and play. Recipients, while geographically dispersed, come together as the paper becomes a site of transportation. The physical engagement involved in the process unites the recipients in movement, an action towards togetherness through image making.

At a time when we were digitally saturated, drowning in zoom calls and online exhibitions, this project harnesses photography for its physical, tactile and material qualities. The exposure to UV light inevitably builds a visceral connection between people through the shared experience of using sunlight, resulting in a large series of cyanotype works. Currently existing as a collection of prints that have found themselves residing within an envelope, the opportunity to showcase this work in the format of an exhibition allows the project to manifest as a meeting point for the conversation to continue. Expanding on Revolv’s practice, the artworks created hold equal importance to the collaborative act of making. The social interaction involved in the project is at some level the work itself.

Please join us to make your cyanotype on Saturday between 9am and 2pm, and on Sunday between 9am and 12pm.

Sunset Studios Opening Hours:
Friday 10th September 6pm - 11pm
Saturday 11th September 9am - 6pm
Sunday 12th September 9am - 6pm

Copeland Park Opening Hours:
Friday 10th September 6pm - 12 am
Saturday 11th September 11am-6pm
Sunday 12th September 11am-6pm


George Adshead
Samir Ali
Eva Baskott
Megan Batty
Cherry Belcher
Georgia Clemson
Naomi Eaton-Baudains
Abigail Evans
Agnes Forrester
Lucy Kane
Sam Kennedy
Hayleigh Longman
Anna Luk
Luke Meyer-Eland
Aga Nowak
Giulia Parlato
Sathusan Rajakumar
Gazzala Rana
Giovanna Recchia
Emily Reuss
Inaya Sarasına
Zara Turner
Cristina Carrion Vasco
Carlota Vilaseca
Aaliyah Wint-Henry

Vivienne Gamble
Sunset Studios
Panopus Printing
Domingo Mix

Peckham 24

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