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You can find below residencies, open calls, competitions, grants, exhibition & publication opportunities specifically directed towards emerging and early-career visual artists. Our selection focuses on such available to UK-based artists, but not exclusively. In addition, we only feature opportunities without a fee or with a very small entry fee / or such used towards the production of the suggested endavaour, or supporting a charity cause. This list is hand picked and updated weekly by Laura Bivolaru & Krasimira Butseva. 

Artwork Archive: Art Business Accelerator Grant - 14th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

Open to both emerging and established artists, the Art Business Accelerator distributes unrestricted funds to invest in your art business, as well as six weeks of self-guided online educational resources that increase business skills, economic proficiency, marketing knowledge, and more.

Fringe Arts Bath Festival - 14th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

New call-out to artists released almost daily.

Flanders Arts Institute - 14th of May [free]

Apply here

The call welcomes any ideas related to working digitally in the arts.

Museum of Contemporary Photography: Snider Prize 2021 - 15th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

The Snider Prize is a purchase award given to emerging artists in their final year of graduate study. The winner receives $3,000, and two honorable mentions each receive $500 towards the purchase of work to be added to the MoCP's permanent collection.

Women Photograph Project Grants & Women Photograph -15th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

Women Photograph is an organization working to elevate the voices of women and nonbinary visual storytellers. These $5,000 grants will support photography projects — either new or in-progress — from women, transgender, and nonbinary visual journalists working in a documentary capacity. Five grants are available, one of which will be earmarked for a nonbinary or transgender photographer.

Women Photograph + Getty Images Scholarship -15th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

Women Photograph has partnered with Getty Images to award a $10,000 scholarship to a student focused on photojournalism. The scholarship funds can be used for tuition, camera equipment or other education costs during the 2020-2021 school year.

Strange Fire Open Call - Four Degrees: Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change - 20th of May [OPTIONAL submission fee: $5+ donation to the Indigenous Environmental Network]

Apply here

In this open call, we invite photo-based work that engages with the affective, emotional, and subjective aspects of environmental change. We encourage submissions from a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, communities, and political perspectives.

Open Call: BCC Bursaries for research and rest at GI2021 - 21st of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

The bursary scheme developed by Black Curators Collective, offers a maximum of three bursaries to Black curators to attend Glasgow International in June 2021.

Devised by Black Curators Collective, the bursary offer includes:
  • An award of £350, which can go towards covering travel or/and accommodation
  • Meetings with members of Black Curators Collective during GI2021 to discuss and develop artistic and professional interests
  • £100 budget for rest and wellbeing, to be spent at the discretion of the curator
  • Free attendance to 'Meandering Networks, Mapping Nations' as part of the 2021 GI Events Programme
  • Advocacy and marketing support in the form of profile on Black Curators Collective's website, and social media

UAL x SPNK! OPEN CALL for ‘Lacuna’ - 21st of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

We are pleased to announce an open call for artworks to be featured at our first physical exhibition this June!

We are looking for up to 3 images from a single project exploring the theme ‘Lacuna’. The open call is open to all LGBTQIA+ artists currently studying at UAL. The lacuna has been defined as an unfilled space in a manuscript or narrative, and also as an accidental gap in linguistics - a hole in the pattern, a word which does not exist, even though permitted by the grammatical rules of a language. We would like to imagine this exhibition as a lacuna, either as an unfilled space open to the endless possibilities queerness can afford or more in line with the idea of an accidental gap - that is, as a thing that has always been emphatically there but yet erased and expected to be absent. The idea is to both commemorate the queer experience as well as to keep an eye on the possibilities ahead.

Marilyn Stafford Fotoreportage Award - 24th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

The Marilyn Stafford Fotoreportage Award of £2,000, facilitated by FotoDocument and generously supported by Nikon UK, is granted annually to a professional woman photographer towards the completion of a compelling and cohesive documentary photo essay, which addresses an important social, environmental, economic or cultural issue, whether local or global that has a focus on positive solutions. Submissions close on Monday 24 May 2021.

Grain: Picturing England’s High Streets - 26th of May 2021 [free]

Apply here (Stoke)
Apply here (Coventry)

The residency is a major new opportunity for a Photographer as part of the national Photographer-In- Residence Programme ‘Picturing England’s High Streets’.  Artist Fee – £6,000 over 2 year period (Stoke); Artist Fee – £4,000 over 1 year. (Coventry)

VOLT 2021 Eastbourne Open - 31st of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

2021's Eastbourne Open is the first in a series of open-call exhibitions that will occur regularly at VOLT. Up to 10 artists will be selected by a panel of judges (to be announced shortly) to exhibit at VOLT later this year.

BECA Photo Award - 31st of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

BECA Photo Award 2021 is one of the largest photo contests in Bulgaria organised by BECA Before Creating Academy. It is aimed at encouraging and supporting Bulgaria-based photographers.

The Pupil Sphere Graduate Showcase 2021 - 31st of Mary 2021 [free]

Apply here

As part of the Graduate Showcase, 10 submissions will be chosen to be featured in our ‘Spotlight Artists’. This is a series of feature interviews to highlight exceptional work further and will be chosen by both The Pupil Sphere team and a range of industry professionals.

ONE WORK – Arts Writer Open Call - 30th of May [free]

Apply here

Prospect Art is seeking arts writers for the ONE WORK series. The ONE WORK series is dedicated to a critical dialogue that focuses on one specific completed work by a contemporary artist. The series unites visual artists and critical writers through a monthly online publication.

This open call is for any writer enthusiastic about art that would want to write a short piece about a specific work from a contemporary artist that you will be paired with from our open call artist pool. We know that people wear many hats in the art world, so we are open to curators, writers, or artists who desire to be part of this project and write an article.

Arles Les Rencontres de la Photographie Book Award - 31st of May 2021 [free]

Apply here

Application is open to all photography books and catalogs that have been published between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021. Applicants must forward one application form completed for each book by categories, together with one copy of each book submitted.

AND 2021 open call - then there was us [free]

Apply here

AND is a free to enter yearly competition. An annual showcase of some of the most interesting and distinctive photographic works in a multitude of styles and disciplines from across the globe. With a free open submission to all, the best stand alone images are carefully selected by our team and published in our yearly home exhibition publication.

BHM Live: Launchpad - Mentoring, Networking and Commission - 1st of June 2021 [free]

Apply here

Our annual invitation, addressed to artists using contemporary visual language, to join us in contaminating public space: with signs and imagery, provocations and projects translated into posters. Beginning with this edition, the format has become bigger and color has joined black and white. We ask what awaits us beyond capitalism, after the next climate crisis, what happens after we turn 30, after we turn 90, after the downfall of patriarchy, after disease, after empire, after punk, after tomorrow. We want to know how you imagine the end of democracy and what utopia may follow it, how you represent a community that has moved beyond gender and gender violence, how you envisage the posthuman landscape, the postcoital temperature, the features of a new posterity.

MADE IT North West Graduate Art Prize 2021 - 15th of June 2021 [suggested donation]

Apply here

MADE IT is a selected showcase of North West graduate talent from the class of 2021.

Photo Vogue: Reframing History - 25th of June [free]

Apply here

REFRAMING HISTORY - PVF 2021 will explore the projects that have reclaimed an alternative, different way of telling a story.

Charta Dummy Award 2021 - 9th of July 2021 [free]

Apply here

Charta Dummy Award is open to visual artists who use the photographic medium and have already made a book dummy of his/her project. There are no restrictions related to the theme. Artists are invited to submit a physical copy of their dummy. The final shortlist will consist of a selection of 25 book dummies to be exhibited in Rome during the Charta Festival 2021. One of the shortlisted dummies will be awarded the Charta Prize and will be published by Yogurt Editions with a production worth 5.000€.

Photograd Opportunities for Graduates - no set deadline [free]

Apply here

Photograd calls for graduate works, photobooks and features. 

Photomeet x Northern Narratives - no set deadline [free]

Apply here

Photo Meet and Northern Narratives would like to help friends, colleagues and co-workers in the field offeringthe opportunity to access their online resources to expose and promote their projects with a series of features, interviews, and online chats.

The African Photobook - no set deadline [free]

Apply here

Publishers and photographers are invited to contribte by submitting books to be showcased on the TAP database. Get in touch with them about your books / suggestions.

Creative Debuts: Black Artist Grant - running monthly [free]

Apply here

The Black Artists Grant is £1,000 given out monthly to black artists in the UK, with each artist selected receiving £500 each. 

The BAG is no-strings attached financial support to help the selected artists in whatever they want – be that make new work, buy equipment or materials, travel, research, visit exhibitions or conferences, or to even just cover some life expenses. This is specifically for Black artists; not politically black, not POC or BAME.  Recipients will be chosen monthly, and every few months this selector will change.

Museum of Contemporary Photography: Portfolio Review 2021 - 1st of January 2022 [free]

Apply here

The Museum of Contemporary Photography reviews portfolios from national and international artists on a bi-monthly basis for consideration for exhibition and acquisition.

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