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Revolv is a collective of artists who work together to sustain and develop a network through a number of interventions, taking place in temporary sites, spaces and online. Revolv was founded in 2017 by the artists Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova, and currently includes artists Ibrahim Azab, Victoria Louise Doyle and Lucas Gabellini-Fava. The collective was established around the idea of collaboration and collective working within Photography making, writing and reading. Since its inception, Revolv have been invited to produce exhibitions, deliver workshops, give talks and lectures by the University of Portsmouth (2017), Brighton Photo Fringe (2018), University of Brighton (2019), London College of Communication (2018-19), and Maverick Projects (2019) Bulgaria workshops? and Seen Fifteen Gallery (2019-20).

Email: info@revolv.org


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