(quarterly community-led crit session)

Join us every quarter for our community-led creative review. With an emphasis on honesty, these sessions are a dedicated space to drop the pretence and share what you’ve been working on/thinking about without the pressure of saving face.

Tuesday 2nd of May (ONLINE – 6pm-8pm)

(a bimestrial conversation in, on and around the topic of the self and systems of organisation)

These sessions are a relaxed space to share your experience of being in, setting-up and thinking through organisational systems. Centring the system-user, we will explore and unpack models such as self-organisation, the artist-led, not-for-profit, etc. 
No prior organisational knowledge necessary.

Tuesday 23rd of May (ONLINE – 6pm-8pm)

Education: Process & Practice

(a bimestrial discussion in, on and around the topic of learning)

These sessions are an informal space to voice lived experiences alongside sharing theoretical texts. The desire behind this invitation is to reflect on the nature of knowledge via active participation in its exchange and generation.

Tuesday 20th of June (ONLINE – 6pm-8pm)

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