Conversations with Artists (3)

instagram live

(june-july 2021)

Image by: RAKE Collective 

This is the third part of our digital programme Conversations with Artists on Instagram Live. Every two weeks, we invite a creative professional to talk to one of our members about their practice, endeavours and projects. Join us on Instagram.

(Un)learning through Collaboration?: Victoria Louise Doyle x UnderExposed Collective
2nd of July 2021 (7:00pm - 7:40pm BST)

Member Victoria Louise Doyle has invited UnderExposed Collective to engage in a discussion in, about and around collaboration and its potential in terms of (un)learning.

Photography as Investigation: Krasimira Butseva x RAKE Collective
17th of July 2021 (10am - 10:40am BST)

Krasimira Butseva will be in conversation with RAKE Collective - a visual research collective using open source data in their political and social examinations. They will discuss methodologies, processes and projects situated between art, research and investigation, with a specific focus on human rights violations, hidden and censored histories and violence.

WTF is Research?: Laura Bivolaru x Krasimira Butseva
29th of July 2021 (6:00pm - 6:40pm BST)

Laura Bivolaru and Krasimira Butseva will talk about the role of research in their creative and multi-disciplinary practices. They will discuss how, why, where and what is research for them.

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