JUNE 2019


Mark Adams, Laura Bivolaru, Macarena Costan, Anne Erhard, Samuel W.J. Fordham, Elena Helfrecht, Nadine Hess, Hayleigh Longman, Greta Lorimer, Gemma Mughini, Giulia Parlato, James Parkin, Joshua Phillips, Loreal Prystaj, Ëpha J. Roe, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Cameron Williamson and Lorraine Wood were selected through an open call, and Martin Seeds and Dafna Talmor were invited to be part of Homeland. During a day long workshop the artists collaborated with book designer Victoria Kieffer in the creation of a publication featuring their work.

During a one-day workshop, the artists worked in groups collaboratively to create a mock up zine. The nature of the day allowed each artist to consider their work in relation to the rest of their group and in response to ‘homeland’, allowing a collective discourse to take place. Considering ‘homeland’ as house, mother, country and culture, four zines were designed and each group presented their mock up, which was then used to create digital and physical copies of the publication.

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