The zine Photocatalysis: a collective archive was created on the 8th of September 2017 in a collaborative workshop, part of the public programme of Archives as Medium. Revolv Collective invited members from The Pupil Sphere, London Alternative Photography Collective and Chrono Collective to work together for 5 hours and create a publication; the work used included such by the artists from the collectives and others showcased on their platforms. 

Photographers included in the publication: Stephanie Mortimore, Kamil Sleszynski, Josh Huxham, Ernielson Limbo, Davide Meneghello, Samara Knight, Ethan Beswick, Lynda Laird, Vera Hadzhiyska, Simone Mudde, Kerimcan Goren, Daniel Berrange, Hannah Fletchcher, Rhona Eve Clews, Camille Mangueira, Almudena Romero, Diego Valente, Melanie King, Tom Illsley, Giovanna Petrocchi, Ben Soedira, Tom Lucus, Alex Gale, Zac Riviello and Harry Lawlor.

Access and download a digital copy of the zine Photocatalysis here.

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