Playing on the idea of photography as material, process and object, the artists Ibrahim Azab, Krasimira Butseva, Lucas Gabellini-Fava and Lina Ivanova respond to the space, considering the 2d medium in a sculptural way. This multi-disciplinary exhibition explores the idea of memory, belonging, inherited trauma and the human body as a fragment through the use of materials and processes beyond the photographic. Through digital and physical interventions of adding and removing material, Azab challenges the authentic in photographic representations. Photography is used by Butseva to obliterate the beauty and the sublime of landscapes which bare little signifiers of prior histories. She alters the colours of these locations to reference an infrared camera and the unspoken trauma carried within Bulgarian society. Furthermore, Gabbelini-Fava uses a two-dimensional surface to distort the human body, giving birth to something new - printed latex allows the skin to unfold to its full length and width, hung across large steel structures. Coexisting are concrete and photographic structures forming a discourse on (re)discovery of personal, inherited and fictional memory through objects. Bluring the lines between archeology, ethnography and history, Ivanova employs a process of making, built upon inherited acts of collecting and possessing.

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