Part of F O R M - an exhibition and a public programme investigating the digital, archival, material, political and historical forms of photography today, was the collaborative zine making workshop Replay + Reinvent. Participants used their own photographs taken on phone cameras, work from projects, as well as text, in order to rethink part of their personal 'archive' alongside that of strangers’, in the form of collages sequenced into a zine.

Each participant’s work combined made-up a varied image bank from which photographs were drawn out at random or selected carefully and purposefully before undergoing a process of deconstruction. Influenced by conversations amongst the group, an automatic and instantaneous method of making developed, in tone with the prompt conscious or subconscious decision making - a process and aesthetic associated with styles of work such as Dadaism and Surrealism.

A few hours of searching for combinations and constructing new meanings out of shapes, cut outs, surfaces and colour, resulted in 30 individual pieces by the end of the workshop. Participants worked together to make decisions on the order, layout, sequencing and binding of the zine, titled 'Since there is no place large enough', a line taken from the poem 'Fog' by Frederick Siedel.

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