A zine created during a workshop at Phoenix Arts Space, on the closing weekend of Brighton Photo Fringe 2018. The workshop was open to the public and led by Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova. Extending a discussion started by the duo’s exhibition ‘4UZHBINA’, the intervention took place in the gallery space, questioning what constitutes home and our sense of belonging.
The process of making this zine empowered participants to share common utopian notions brought forward by discussions on the idea of home. This was done through writing, reading exercises and sharing personal objects and photographs as props in the making of images, using phone cameras and a scanner. Images and text were sequenced and designed collectively by the group in the form of the zine which became part of the exhibition ‘4UZHBINA’ for the rest of the festival.

Access and download a digital copy of the zine Roots or Routes? here

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