Extending the processes employed in the work on show, alternative forms of photography were put into practice on the closing weekend of F O R M, at Seen Fifteen. We invited artist Hannah Fletcher to teach a process she has developed and been working on recently - soil chromatography.

Working in an investigative manner, Hannah combines scientific techniques with photographic processes. Creating a dialogue between process and materials, between research and exploration and between the poetic and political, each unfixed and unwashed print a unique object.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to image forms and patterns from components held within different samples of earth. Participants were encouraged to bring their own soil samples along to the workshop, which they ground down to make a solution with.

Crossing the boundary between art and science, they used Hannah Fletcher’s own process of soil chromatography. This is combined with silver nitrate to create a light sensitive surface, which is then used to create a photographic record of the components held within each solution. As the solution spreads across the circular filter paper organic matter is separated and a natural banding effect is created.

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