Statement of Being forms an exploration of the different ways in which images manifest, whilst the bodies of work in this show encompass the genetics, experiences and materials within photography, including photography, writing, AI, sound and sculpture. The artists investigate the way in which a camera adopts the function of an archeological tool, digging deep into human consciousness and uncovering aspects of our interior and exterior beings, whilst incorporating inherited memories, habits and occurrences. Whilst dealing with these subjects the artists experiment with different materials, pushing the boundaries of contemporary photography. As the camera allows to gaze back at the past, simultaneously creating bridges to the present, the artists end up returning to the family home in order to understand the history preceding their birth. Obsessively recording conversations with relatives and searching for glimpses and pieces of the family in their skins, bodies and shared landscapes, they end up uncovering layers of personal but shared trauma. They flick through the pages of the family album, wandering between light and dark, allowing for secrets to get entangled with the present. The group exhibition at Deptford does Art will serve as a testing ground, where gradients of visibility will emerge, inviting a new audience into this discussion.

Exhibiting artists: Laura Bivolaru, Krasimira Butseva, Victoria Louise Doyle, Lucas Gabellini-Fava and Elena Helfrech.


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